Saturday, June 11

Why We Might Counsel You to Find a Church

Do we push religion in counseling?

Um...yes and no.

No, your religious life is your own concern. You aren't required to be a practicing member of any particular religious community to get help from Allied Family Therapy. People of any -- or no -- religious faith are welcome here.

But here's the yes: When clients tell us they feel socially disconnected, when they feel their marriages or other relationships are coming apart, when they experience symptoms of depression, anger, or loneliness, when they go through transitional life stages, or when they're new in the area, we start asking about religious affiliation.

There's a good reason.

Turns out there's a wealth of research -- good, solid, peer-reviewed academic research -- demonstrating

Tuesday, June 7

Our Relating project

Over at our sister blog on The Relationship Institute, we're talking about our next publishing project, The AiKi of Marriage.

AiKi is a fascinating subject -- sort of a martial arts of the mind. Stop by and see what we're up to!