Friday, March 6

Meet the ACTUAL first couple to meet online

He married me, despite those glasses.
Obviously, it's true love.
The Daily Mail reports a couple that claims to be the first to meet online and marry. Sorry, Daily Mail. You've been had.

My hubby and I met online in
1994, when I was a grad student and single mom in Missouri, and he was a working geek and single dad in New Jersey. He flew out to Missouri to meet me in September, and we fell in love. We were engaged just before Christmas in 1994, co-authored the Complete Idiot's Guide to Excel 95, and married in February of 1996. Our daughter (our seventh child, who adores her five brothers and her only sister) was born in 1998.

Now our baby is in college, I'm a family therapist and marriage counselor, and he's still a working stiff, but we're still just as crazy in love as we were in 1994.

(By the way, several of our sons fell in love on line -- and now we have a pack of darling daughters-in-law and granddaughters as a result. Thank you The Internet!)

Happy (almost) 21st Anniversary, my awesome husband. I'm still feeling lucky! (And now that I know we're holding some sort of world record, I'm even more proud of us!)


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