Thursday, February 19

Burnin' Down the (Open) House!

So...It's happening. Open house this Saturday. Come evaluate our wall painting, furniture moving, and picture-hanging skills! Tour the office, eat the food, shimmy to the music.

Allied Family Therapy
Open House
This Saturday, 11 to 1
Bring your friends, bring your business cards, bring your pen -- 'cause you may want to sign things! Directions, maps, and lots of very cool stuff all found on the Contact Us page!

Need some mood music to tide you over 'til the weekend? Tom Jones and the Cardigans are Burning Down the House.

See you Saturday!

Post Open-House Notes: Thanks to the many, many people who came out to visit us on Saturday. We loved showing you around and answering your questions. And we still provide one-on-one office tours to friends, family, colleagues, and clients who missed the formal Open House. Give us a call so we can put the kettle on for you! (And note our new phone number: (425) 429-2230.)

Monday, February 2

Russell at the Line

A Blue Monday poem for the Blue Twelves

Russell at the Line
Still love ya, RW!
(An ode to Ernest Lawrence Thayer)
The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Northwest team that day:
The score in twenties, 8 to 4; two minutes more to play.
And when a pass to Kearse fell short, another timeout came.
A pall-like silence fell upon the patrons of the game.