Wednesday, January 14

Over the Moon!

Lease signed, business licenses issued, insurance submitted, IRS notified, new offices about to be occupied. Pretty darned excited. want a tour? Of course you do!

Let's begin with the sign. Because you always begin with the sign. We're too excited to wait for the landlord to do it, so we'll just PicMonkey our name right onto the blank spot. (You'll have to click on these photos to see them in all their glory. And to read the editorial comments. Because what good's a tour without editorial comments?)

Now, back out to the street. C'mon. It's just a short walk. Ready? So, you're cruising up (or is it down?) Talbot Road, just south of Valley Medical Center, when suddenly, on the west side of the street you see...

Well, okay then. (Incidentally, if you leap off the bus at Valley Medical, you have to limp only one short block to get to our office, where you can sit in a comfy chair and we'll give you a nice glass of water. Or a cup of hot chocolate. Yeah. Hot chocolate. Definitely.)

So you ease on down the left side of the medical center, where you find a bounty of lovely parking spots, created just for you. Isn't this fun?

You dismount from your carriage, and find your way to our covered walkway. (Maybe we should call it a parkade. Or a mall. Or a plaza. Oh, that's a great word. Plaza.) In any event, it looks like this.

So now your heart's racing. You're approaching Suite 103. You can hardly contain your excitement! This may be one of the top five tours you've ever experienced! 

Slow down. Take a deep breath. There you go. Look. Pretty trees and bushes. You'll be fine.

Now a sense of calm comes over you as you see...the front door.

Oh, it's everything you dreamed for a front door. Handle. Lock. Glass. Hinges. It doesn't get any better than this.

You open the door. There's a hush as you encounter...the lobby. And what a lobby. Paneling. Floors. Some walls. No, there's no furniture. Not yet. But that's why the Good Lord gave you an imagination, right?

You turn to your left. And there, in all its glory: The reception area. Sure, it's stark raving naked. Today. But some day there'll be...a desk. And maybe a printer. And maybe...a receptionist.

To your right (confused, yet? Because if you're viewing this tour in a full-screen browser, it's to your left) there's a hallway.  A loooong hallway. With many doors.

That first door to your left? It's the office of your friendly neighborhood Certified Counselor. Author of this blog. Confuser of right and left. And payer of the rent.

Wanna look inside?

Yes, you do.

Because there's so much more to see. A bathroom. More offices. A kitchen. A group therapy room. A bigger bathroom. A secret hallway. And a really cool Hogwarts-esque storage area.

And you WILL get to see it all, when you come to our Open House next month. Where there'll be fresh paint. Furniture. Fixtures. Food. Fun. Maybe even some door prizes. Watch this space, Better yet, "Like" us and "Follow" us on Facebook. Or add your email address to that "follow by email" tool to the right. (Sorry, mobile users. You probably can't see it. You're stuck with our Facebook news feed. But at least you'll get an invitation to our Open House!) Either way, whether you provide us an email address, or stalk us on Facebook, we'll be able to tell you about our Open House and about future fun workshops and seminars.

You know you want to!

* * *

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