Monday, January 19

Angels Among Us

Yes, I'm a Seahawks fan. More specifically, I'm a fan of people who work hard, overcome adversity, demonstrate loyalty and brotherhood, who set a good example for kids, who acknowledge their teammates (and give credit to everyone who supports them), and who face down their trials.

Yep, Seahawks.

So this picture from yesterday's game brought a tear to my eye.

If you look carefully, you'll see there are four, not just three, Seahawks helping push Marshawn through that yellow Pack.

Sometimes you have no idea who's helping you, who's pushing for you, who's clearing a path for you, or who's rooting for your success.

But I do know there are angels on this earth,
seen and unseen, and that each of us has the power to act as angels for other people.

Who's got your back? We've got your back.

* * *

One of the things about therapy is this: You don't have to be "broken" for counseling to help. Sometimes, just sharing your struggles (and every living person has struggles) with an uninvolved third party helps you get clarity, identify your resources (your "angels"), and find a new way of taking on adversity.

Every player on the team is talented, brilliant in their own way, and hard working.

But coaching is what turns players from talented individuals to championship teams.

* * *

There's more than one way to get coached. If they're on your side, friends can help. Family can help -- though often they're the actual source of struggles. And a good therapist can be a lifesaver.

But there's one Coach who never gives bad advice. A prayerful relationship with the Divine is often the key to getting your life back on track. Highly recommended. And the best way to recognize when angels are on your team.

* * *

If you're having trouble assembling your own team of angels, let us help. We've got your back. Allied Family Therapy is accepting new clients. Call us for an appointment. (425) 429-2230.

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